Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Today we were given our scool reports and i cannot say I'm pleased. I got 5 (out of 20) in Maths,not to mention the 7 in Geometry....Another 10 in physics and "The show must go on". Damn it! Who the hell came up with these sort of subjects?? In ancient Greece they were taught music and dance, not physics and chemistry. Elina did great (as always) so you can feel pity only for me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Every powerful person (like me-??) has some guys that he/she tend to call "friends". I could be no exception to this rule (which I made all by myself). So,let me introduce my beloved mates:
1. Maria: She can be a real trouble (in a GOOD sense-I'm saying this in case she's reading this). Never shy and never rude, she is really sentimental and sociable at the same time (if interested, she's single at the moment)
Catch n.2.Efi: Happy person in general,nice companion, but most important of all,she can tell you off anytime. She's a good student (EFI, you are a nerd!!! jokin') and always help me out with maths (yak!). And beware: her boyfriend is a cop!!
3.Elena: She's the best student in class (Jesus!) and always lets us copy from her notebook. She's the kindest girl I've ever met! She won't hurt anyone.The only word to describe her is gold-hearted
4.Kostas: All good groups have a male member. He's the shiest person on the planet, or one of the top 10 shy people anyway. He can be the best friend you've ever wished to have, and the most discreet one at the same time...He never interrupts my misery! That's why we do love him.
AND THE OSCAR GOES TO.................................
ELINA!!! My best pal, and the most hot-tempered as well.She will definitely tell you off if she doesn't approve of your face...Maybe this is the reason why most of us are afraid of her. And she takes in boys (stupid genre) by her appearence.When you see her blond hair etc etc you can't believe how dangerous she can be! She's a psychedelic freak with a psychological attachment to Marilyn Manson (I couldn't avoid mentioning that)
TIP: the inconsiderate phrase "psychedelic freak might be my ticket to eternal life.She will kill me for naming her this sort of thing
Anyway,these are my closest and most beloved friends.And although I WILL NEVER ADMIT IT IN FRONT OF THEM, they are valuable to me...
The end!

Saturday, June 16, 2007



As I promised,(to myself) I am going to write a few things for the one and only Ville Valo. The thing is that I don't know what to start with...His magical voice? His exlirating lyrics? (the number 1 reason to listen to HIM songs).His unbelievable beauty? His attractive misery? Or all these? This divine Finnish creature has tended to become my sole meaning of existence (and I am NOT exaggerating!) I'm leading a miserable life,too miserable to cope with. His songs gave me a new lease of life. I've learnt how to live through my misery and benefit from it. I live in a sort of silent nirvana.Well, it could be silent,but I listen to music all night long (I'm sort of a Vampire- sleep during day). I was ispired from Ville's songs and started writing a book, in which I "murder" everybody,except for the murderer... ( I guess it sounds stupid). And honestly I'm Not in love with Ville Hermanni Valo, I just adore his way of thinking and his talent to sing so perfectly.
P.S. (for those who blame Ville): I ain't know if he's a gay (although I'm sure he's NOT) but I know that his sexual preference is not sth we should be involved in.After all,he's a singer!We should critisize his voice and songs,not himself (we,stupid nosy people!!!!)

Saturday, June 9, 2007


Ελεος! Δεν τα αντέχω άλλο τα ψωνισμένα.Τι κόλλημα που έχουν φάει τα Κηφισιωτάκια με το τρεντοβάψιμο? Κορίτσια που μοιάζουν με αγόρια,αγόρια που δεν μοιάζουν με τίποτα... Και αντί να ονομαστούν "σούργελα" ονομάζονται emo και χαίρονται. Δεν λέω,είναι ωραία τα φρικιά,αλλά μόνο τα αυθεντικά, τα metal.Το να βλέπεις τρεντάκια βαμμένα gothic με τους Motorhead στη μπλούζα είναι σαν να βλέπεις τη γιαγιά σου να κάνει bungee.
Τί κακό έχω κάνει για να μου αξίζει να ζω στο κέντρο της φρίκης??
Βγάλτε μου τα νύχια με τανάλια γίγας, σβήστε τσιγάρα πάνω μου, βάλτε τον Κιάμο στη διαπασόν...Μα έλεος μη μ'αφήνεται ανάμεσά τους!!! Είμαι καταδικασμένη στο χάος των β.π. Ευτυχώς που υπάρχουμε κι εμείς, οι "metal outsiders" για να κρατάμε μια σχετική ισορροπία. Λέτε η μόδα των emo να είναι σημάδι ότι το τέλος του κοσμου πλησιάζει??