Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rein in Hell

Ένα από τα τραγούδια που έγραψα (τους στίχους) και μελοποιήσαμε με ένα φίλο...Ναι το ξέρω οτι στιχουργηκά είμαι δολοφόνος, αλλά τί να κάνω που δεν το χω? Όπως και να 'χει...


Welcome aboard to the ship of hell
known for its holds,full of wealth and stealth
You'll be greeted by a crew of connmen and killers
A bunch of filthy thieves and sinners
Me,the captain,my story is well known
i'm the man whose soul satan wished to own
And for this we gambled nights and days
until the devilish dice found ways
and the demon got my soul for a thousand years
i was guided down to the kingdom of hell
where innocents were fried in a burning well

They say better rein in hell than be a slave in heaven
but the goddamn dice just won't break even
I'll obey my master pretty well
coz i prefer reining in hell

My ship is crashed by the waves but will never sink
we've already reached once to the brink
Satan was there holding a chest
and commanded me never to rest
I was now member of his undead crew
all my fears had finally come true

I have the burden of mortal's sins upon my shoulders
a new messiah i'll be
and to those who don't believe my story
i challenge them to come and see

Αυτό δεν θα το έγραφα κανονικά, αλλά είναι η απάντηση σε κάποιον που είπε ότι μπορώ να γράψω μόνο γλυκανάλατα!!


Dead Winter Dead said...

Who said thet you have no talent at writing lyrics...?This are the songs that are really taken by her heart i thing...better than perfect i say...

VampireHeart said...

upervolikos as always!! thnx pantws

Dead Winter Dead said...

Pote den eimai ypervolikos...ti 8es na s to apodiksw dld?na to ma8w kai ayto ap eksw...?ksereis sxedon to ema8a...

VampireHeart said...

Gosh! u r insane