Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sweet sacrifice

The other day i really came into a shock! This is perfectly rare,of course, but when i happens,it takes me down (in a good sense). A person that means a lot to me,gave me circular pendant that he just wouldn't stop wearing. I didn't really know the true meanin of the tiny necklace,the meaning that it had for him, but when i found out, i was utterly moved! It had been given to him by a dead relative, and he did actually love it.
When i first saw it, it cast a spell on me.I particularly liked the awkward shapes that were carved on its silver surface...One reminds me of the cross i used to have. I obviously never said so, because i knew he loved it (although i didn't know the reason why)...And he did give it to me!! Isn't this unbelievable? I was flabergusted when he took it off and gave it to me saying that i am more important than this!
I am holding the pendant and thining of his eyes when he put it in my hands... I'll certainly never forget this momment. It'll haunt me forever

And i'd like t say thanks to him once again for giving me his pendant,and remind him that he's one of a kind.Thnx!!!

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Dead Winter Dead said...

I never knew you liked it...And sometimes...people are more important than a neckless...In my case...that counts...It is something from my very soul...because it hides a soul in there...and one part of me...i want you have a part of me...so you will never feel alone...or forget...love you...