Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"My destiny..."

Driven by the depth of hers
and the distance in her eyes
I was fooled by her greatness
and her devilish disguise...

All I want is to be gone
all i need is just erase
past ain't future, past is past
in this swirling twisting maze...

Give me the chance
to see inside you
Blindly trust my heart
to close around you
You gave me strength
Became my destiny
But now you fade away
...away from me...

My mind is helplessly set on her
although i know she can't be mine
i just don't seem to get enough
for me she reaches the divine...

I never shall forgive her
for leaving me like that
I was mistaken to think i'd keep her
by giving her forever crippled weepy heart...

Hope you Liked it... Είναι πολύ μελόδραμα για τα δικά μου μέτρα!


Virgil said...

Pantws vlepw oti dn mporw pote na grapsw etc....(xexexexe,eimai axristos:P)

VampireHeart said...

dn ktlb an s arese h oxi!!

Virgil said...